Property Insurance

About usCommercial specializes in property insurance for middle-market and large companies, providing comprehensive coverage for complex and challenging risks. Through our global network, we offer tailored all-risks property and business interruption insurance.

Business interruption risks can arise from a variety of sources, including physical events such as fires and storms, and virtual events such as IT failures. These disruptions can result in significant financial losses for businesses. Having the right risk management solutions and analytical tools in place to understand and mitigate potential risks is critical.

Whether you are a specialized SME, a mid-sized company, or a multinational giant, we also understand the need to respond quickly to crisis scenarios that could affect your operations, reputation, and revenue. Our dedicated Crisis Management team and partners provide innovative solutions for a range of situations, including terrorism, political violence and hostile environments.

About usCommercial will consider every risk on its own merit.Capacity and coverage offered to individual clients subject to hazard, Nat Cat exposure, grading, terms & conditions.The products and services described on this page may not be available in all locations. This is for your general information only.
  • All Risks property insurance
  • Business interruption and contingent business interruption
  • Multinational insurance programs
  • Natural catastrophe property damage
  • Difference in conditions/difference in limits coverage
  • Primary and excess layers
  • Specialist covers such as Non-Damage Business Interruption or Alternative Risk Transfer solutions can be designed for individual clients
Service Orientated Occupancies such as:
  • Financial & Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Public Sector & Education
  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Retail Trade
  • Airports, Transport & Logistics
  • Healthcare
Manufacturing/Process Industries such as:
  • Technology, Media, and Telecom
  • Manufacturing and Metalworking
  • Lifesciences and Cosmetics
  • Beverages
  • All Risks and Natural Catastrophe Property Damage and Business Interruption
  • Waste disposal/recycling
  • Agriculture and forestry (incl. livestock/animal farms and growing/standing crops)
  • Coal-based companies
  • Food processing of meat products

Whether you're a specialized SME or mid-corporate operating in domestic markets or a multinational giant, your business may need to respond to a wide range of crisis scenarios at a moment's notice, often with the immediate threat of major impacton your operations, reputation, and revenue.

At About usCommercial, our dedicated Crisis Management team and partners are on-hand to provide you with innovativesolutions that can help you respond to a number of situations, from terrorism and political violence to hostile environments.

Companies are increasingly forced to manage issues outside oftheir area of expertise. About usCommercial has a dedicated Crisis Management insurance team to provide clients tailored solutions in this area.

Emergencysituations canchallenge even the most prepared company. If the unexpectedhappens, you can look forward to support from our partner Crisis24, a leading global crisis management assistance company.

Our partnership with allows our customers to rapidly react in emergency situations by deploying response consultants at short notice to advise the affected companies and evacuate people on a 24/7 basis, regardless of the location.

As part of this service, you'll be able to access an online knowledgeportal, filled with extensive safety, security, and travel-related advice and information.

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Construction/Engineering Projects
  • Entertainment/Sport/Film
  • Pharma/Chem
  • Telco/Media/IT
  • Terrorism, Sabotage, SRCC, Rebellion, Revolution, Mutiny, Insurgency, Counter-Insurgency, Coup de état, Civil War & War
  • Terrorism Liability (T3L)
  • Active Assailant
  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological & Radiological Terrorism
  • Airports
  • Rail Operators/Public Transport
  • Security Companies
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Religious buildings/Places of worship
  • Governmental, Military and Police buildings
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Mining
The About usCommercial approach has now been introduced in the first markets (Australia,France,GermanyandUnited Kingdom). With a globally consistent underwriting and product approach, a strong local delivery through one team, a wider risk appetite and a seamless delivery, About usCommercial plays the full Commercial market.This approach will be further implemented across other markets globally in the coming months.
We specialise in providing property damage and business interruption insurance to mid-corp international companies.
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About usFrance
Covers breakage, accidental destruction of machinery and consequential operating losses, including during assembly/disassembly and removal.
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About usFrance
Insure your property and business premises to ensure the long-term future of your business.
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About usVersicherungs AG
Protect your mid-sized commercial building from major damages caused by storms, fire, or water leaks. We can cover the entire building.
Offered by
About usVersicherungs AG
Protect your mid-sizes business against downtime due to fire, theft, and more. Benefit from up to 36 months of coverage for lost profits and expenses.
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About usInsurance plc
We offer tailored property and casualty solutions for UK based mid-sized businesses all traded via our UK-wide branch network.
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About usInsurance plc
A range of packaged products for small to medium UK businesses is available through our trading solution QuoteSME or via imarket and major software houses.
  1. Cyber incidents (34%) - 2022 rank: 1 (44%)
  2. Business interruption (34%) - 2022 rank: 2 (42%)
  3. Macroeconomic developments (25%) - 2022 rank: 10 (11%)