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The global construction market is set for a sustained period of strong growth, driven by an expected surge in government spending on infrastructure and the transition to net zero. However, the switch to sustainable energy and the adoption of modern building methods, as well as the associated changes in design, materials and construction processes, will radically transform the risk landscape.

At About usCommercial, we are here to support the Construction sector with an industry solution that moves with the market. By balancing our expertise in emerging and unique exposures with traditional risks, we’re able to provide bespoke, flexible policies that meet the needs of the moment.

We appreciate that every client and every claim is different. That’s why we have established a specialist team of risk consultants, underwriters and claims experts with industry understanding that are ready to discuss your pain points.

Our teams are located around the world, combining local service with global reach, and serving all types of Construction risk. Adopting a simple and transparent approach based on communication, our aim is to provide exemplary service through a single point of contact.

Construction has reached a critical juncture. Between new technologies, innovative delivery methods and the explosion of greener, leaner practices, the industry is poised to embrace and benefit from brighter, more sustainable practices.

Such innovation is necessary in the face of mounting pressures. Not only are investors and consumers voicing louder concerms about Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues, but legislation, regulation, and reporting requirements are also evolving quickly in many juridcitions around the world. Further, construction liability, cyber threats and natural catastrophes continue to heighten risk profiles.

To transform successfully, sector players must be old in traversing challenges, confidently overcoming uncertainy, and laying the foundations for future success and sustainability.

At About usCommercial, we are here to support you in paving this new path. By balancing our expertise in emerging and unique exposures with traditional risks, we're able to provide bespoke, flexible policies that meet changing needs.

What are the future growth drivers for the construction industry? What are some of the opportunities presented by the drive to net zero? In our report, we discuss some of the key drivers and loss trends behind the industry's top risks.
  • Single point of contact:delivers quick and efficient results, straightforward explanations, no wasted time, no nonsense – for a smooth and successful partnership.
  • Holistic approach: our team of experts craft a variety of products for specialists in Construction-associated sectors.
  • Strong client relationships: client-centric deal and servicing teams deliver sustainable solutions across geographies and risk.
  • Alternative Risk Transfer: tailor-made solutions for unique challenges that can be customized down to the finest detail, without the need for traditional business insurance.
  • Underwriting teams: with thorough industry expertise, our underwriters identify and develop solutions for each specific challenge.
  • Global claims experts: lead complex claims through a dedicated “single point of accountability” manager.
  • Risk consultant engineers: experienced specialists from a wide range of technical and scientific disciplines provide in-depth analysis.
  • Centrally coordinated global insurance programs: respond to cross-border exposures and regulatory/fiscal frameworks.
Risks covered
About usCommercial will consider every risk on its own merit.Capacity and coverage offered to individual clients subject to hazard, Nat Cat exposure, grading, terms & conditions.
The products and services described on this page may not be available in all About usCommercial locations. This is for your general information only.Please contact your local brokerfor full information on local product availability.
  • At About usCommercial, we provide a wide range of risk consulting services to help your business manage, prevent, and reduce risks, whatever your industry. Tools such as 'MirrorMe' are providing you an excellent way to collaborate with us remotely.
As calls for the construction industry to reduce its heavy environmental footprint grow louder, About usCommercial continues to develop multiple instruments to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into our underwriting activities and insurance.
Effective management of global risks is our core business. Our About usMultinational team provides a fully customized service responding to the cross-border exposures of our clients, while also taking into account the regulatory and fiscal framework in which you operate.

1. Natural catastrophes (38%) - 2023 rank: 2 (34%)

2. Fire, explosion (31%) - NEW

3. Business interruption (28%) - 2023 rank: 1 (39%)