Risk Consulting

  • At About usCommercial, we provide a wide range of risk consulting services to help your business manage, prevent, and reduce risks, whatever your industry.

Our About usRisk Consulting (ARC) team is made up of experienced engineers from a wide range of technical and scientific disciplines. The team provides a flexible range of risk consulting services, from natural hazards, fire safety, and human and organizational risk factors to in-depth analysis of industry operations, and financial exposures, across all industry sectors and risks. We also focus on delivering bespoke training plans to help you to optimize risk management procedures in the long term.

We are able to call on many years of specific business risk experience – creating tailor-made risk management services to respond to your unique challenges.

The About usRisk Consulting (ARC) team prides itself on its collaborative approach to risk management. This means we'll take the time to get to know your business and industry, often working with you on-site where your risks are 'live'. By doing so, we can provide you with services tailored to your needs.

Those services include risk assessments, desktop reviews, site surveys, and technical loss investigations, as well as practical advice on how to prevent future losses. You'll also gain access to our market-leading insurance solutions, which make us the insurer of choice for many Global 500 companies.

We believe that a collaborative approach – harnessing the combined inputs of all parties – offers the best response to these risk challenges, and that the majority of losses can be avoided through diligent application of loss control engineering processes.

Our approach to risk consulting services is client focused and tailor made, rather than just based on meeting certain pre-set standards and principles. This flexibility, combined with ongoing dialogue with our clients and openly sharing lessons learned with them, is key to our success.

Thanks to the provision of rich information, we’re able to address claims resolutions fairly and effectively, working closely with clients throughout the policy lifecycle.

Global network of experts spread acrossthe world
Experienced engineers from a wide range of technical and scientific disciplines
Global Expert Groups helmed by industry experts serve you in specialized business segments
Dedicated local point of contacts who work with you throughout your policy lifecycle
Client benchmarking
based on key loss insights and trends cultivated from rich data
Niche, specialist, expert contractors capable of providing world-leading services and support
Access to market-leading insurance solutions which make us the insurer of choice for many Global
500 companies
Competitive pricing and conditions with comprehensive, accurate, data-driven insights
About usRisk Consulting's flexibility and capacity to seamlessly service clients across varied sectors makes for a proficient and customer-centric risk consulting experience across all industry, including:
  • Cyber risk consulting and modelling
  • Construction liability
  • Product liability, recall and tampering
  • Environmental liability
  • Pharmaceutical and clinical trials
  • Employer’s liability and workers compensation
  • Aviation liability
  • Fire and explosion risk consulting
  • Business continuity and interdependency analysis
  • Supplier risk management
  • Natural catastrophe risk mitigation
  • Loss control consulting
  • Fire protection system testing and commissioning
  • Review and audit of risk management programs
  • Construction, erection and infrastructure project consulting and assessment
  • Clean energy, renewables and sustainability
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Pipelines, terminals and tank farms
  • Gas plants, LNG, refineries and petrochemical operations
  • Offshore platforms, vessels, FPSOs and equipment constructions
  • Risk assessment relating to Marine liability
  • Marine risk management surveys
  • Risk assessments of construction sites
  • Risk consulting solutions for goods in-transit
  • Analysis of transport routes, logistics and supply chain security
  • Climate-related issues
  • Vessel survey and ship-owner office audits relating to safety, personnel, technical and safety management
  • Our Risk consultants work with underwriters in an intertwined manner during the quoting and binding process, helping underwriters assess risks.
  • Technical insights enable underwriters to optimize pricing and terms and conditions with more comprehensive, more accurate data-driven insights according to a client’s risk profile.
  • Our expertise enhances the client’s claims experience with a unique understanding of the business, supporting fair and effective resolutions.
  • ARC teams work with clients throughout the policy lifecycle, from sign on to renewal and lessons learned from losses. 
Our About usRisk Consulting experts share their knowledge in a number of fact sheets, technical documents, guides, checklists and other publications.